How in the World is Alec Kriebel - Fall 2015

Alec & Kristie on the Butterfly Boat Alec & Kristie on the Butterfly Boat I've decided to go ahead and centralize what has been happening in my life to a blog post that details some key events of the previous months. I am doing this because I am now in college at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).
Fall (September, October, November, December) 2015 -  Student Fellow at BLP

I'm proud to announce that I will be a business consultant (the official title is 'Student Fellow') at UC Irvine's Blackstone Launchpad. The Blackstone Launchpad is a center for entrepreneurship on UCI's campus that offers free resources, advice, and consultations to budding student entrepreneurs. Personally, I've utilized the Blackstone Launchpad for my own  business ventures (How To Develop iOS Apps Course, Protonico Printing), and have been since the first few weeks in my career at UCI. After being mentored by the center for over a year, and growing my businesses over that year, the directors of the Blackstone Launchpad decided I would be fit to join their team and help other students by giving them advice on how they can create and grow their business just like I had grown mine. In fact, the BSLP has grown so much in the time that I had been there that they needed to hire students like myself to help with all the entrepreneurs coming in for advice. I'm very happy to be joining the BSLP team and on to of that, being able to offer advice and personal experience to students like myself.

Fall Quarter Over

Christmas time is here and that means that means that the first academic quarter for UCI is now over (as of December 11th). On top of other achievements, I'm happy to announce that I will be a Junior starting this next academic quarter once credits for Fall quarter have been applied. This upperclassman status means that I can now take upper-division class.

This quarter I took:

  • ICS 45C - Programming in C++ (Course about the C++ programming language)
  • ICS 51 - Intro to Computer Organization (Course about the very fundamentals and lowest levels of computing; computer architecture)
  • ICS 6D - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (Course on Discrete Math which is basically math without decimals)
  • Writing 39C - Research and Argumentation Writing

Next quarter I am currently enrolled in:

  • ICS 46 - Data Structure Implementation & Analysis
  • ICS 53 & 53L - Principles in System Design
  • ICS 139W - Critical Writing for CS
  • Soc. Sci. 189 - Intro to Entrepreneurship
Protonico Printing, LLC.

Over the past few months, especially in October, Protonico Printing, the 3D printing business I co-founded alongside my brother, has been doing very well. We've expanded to three 3D printers now to be able to meet demand, and one of them is with me in Irvine, CA meaning we have a distribution center on each coast of the United States for quicker shipping to customers. In addition, we also have incorporated the company as a Limited Liability Company, meaning the business, Protonico Printing, LLC. is a legally recognized and official business. I'm thrilled to be going into the holiday season with this business and even more thrilled to be able to go home and do it alongside my brothers.

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Happy Holidays, - Alec Kriebel