How in the World is Alec Kriebel - November 2014

  Dorm Room Alec Kriebel   I'm doing well. Hello, as you've already probably guessed, it's me, Alec, writing this from Irvine, CA. I've decided to go ahead and centralize what has been happening in my life to a [blog] post that will be released on the first of every month that details some key events of the previous month. This is the first month I'll be writing this, so I'll touch on some things that did not occur this month (like classes). Of course I am starting this because I am now in college at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).
November 2014 Classes -
  • ICS 31: This is an intro. to programming class, which is required for my major, Computer Science. The class introduces many of the key concepts that need to be known in order to program and teaches students how to program. Students of this class are not expected to know any programming experience. I've been making iPhone apps for so long that I thought I wouldn't benefit a whole lot from this class, however, I thought wrong. I'm finally getting a formal education in the matter, and while I know the core concepts and how to program, I'm learning the most from the software design aspect. Simply put, I knew how to code, now I am learning how to do it in a better, more standardized, and more organized format.
  •  Math 2A: This is simply Calculus. I've had calculus in high school, however, I feel as though I am learning a lot more in this college class. It is the most difficult class I am taking (even though I've had Calculus before), but math tends to be this way for everyone.
  • ICS 3: This class is part of my general education requirements, and is titled "Internet Technology & Society." This class is not technical like my other classes, and is rather humanities focused. The class deeply examines how the internet is affecting society and how technology is shaping our future. Some of the main concepts are identity, networking, copyright, patents, but mainly how the internet is affecting society.
  • ICS 90: This course is required for all freshman and transfer Computer Science majors. The course meets once a week and the grade is based off of attendance. During these once a week meetings, Computer Science professors speak to us about what they do and what their research is. This class is how I got on a research project.
ISSM Research Project - ISSM stands for Ice System Sheet Model. This is a joint research project between NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and my University, UCI. The goal of the project is to simulate the evolution of the polar ice caps. I'm part of this research project, and am helping bring the results of the project to the masses by making a "phone app." I'm in the process of making an iOS game that relates to glaciers, how they are formed, and the accumulation of snow and ice. This course is CS 199 - Independent Study. Clubs -
  • Hall Delegate: I'm living in the hall, "Whispering Wood," which is a part of the Middle Earth housing community on campus. As one of the delegates of the hall, I represent the hall at community council meetings, at which votes and events take place that change the whole housing community
  • 3D Printing Club Fundraising Committee Member: 3D Printing is a very interesting thing. A 3D printer, like a normal printer, is able to print 3 dimensional objects from 3D models on a computer by melting plastic, and applying that melted plastic line by line from the ground up (much like how a hot glue gun melts glue). I am on the fundraising committee, which essentially focuses on gaining funds, but also marketing the club.
  •  Fashion Interest Group Photographer/Specical Events Co-Director: FIG, as its called, focuses on fashion, does multiple photoshoots and hosts fashion shows throughout the academic year. In desperate need of a photographer, I volunteered with only a Canon T1i, and very little sample photographs to show. I was also named Co-Director of special events because of my work in fundraising before.
Thanksgiving - Being across the country means Thanksgiving at home is very far away. Instead, I was welcomed to come to Palm Springs, CA and spend Thanksgiving at least away from the dorms with Bob (my second cousin, twice removed?) and husband, Harvey.  I hopped on a train to Riverside, CA where I was picked up by them; this was the first time I have been on a train for transport. It was fantastic to stay in a home once again rather than a dorm room, and Thanksgiving dinner (and all meals while I were there) was absolutely fantastic because of Harvey's cooking. This was a great change from being in the dorms and eating dining hall food. Thanks again Bob and Harvey! This Month's Playlist - November   Until Next Month, - Alec Kriebel